Clear up questions on insurance

Eye Shadez understands that paying for prescription glasses, eye exam etc. can be burdensome. We want to make sure that your experience can be as cost-free possible. To avoid needless stress we like to maximize the benefits of your insurance plan. Whether you are buying contact lenses or eye glasses, we want to make sure you can easily receive the care that you need. Our patient’s eye health is our first priority, and maximizing the benefits from your insurance plan is one way we can achieve that.

At Eye Shadez, we accept all health insurance plans to ensure your health can be prioritized. Insurance plans offered by Sun Life, Manulife, Blue Cross, Great West Green Shield and Costco are all accepted. In addition, Limited Company plans are also accepted. Regardless of the plan, we try our best to minimize you paying from your pocket.

Our staff at Eye Shadez are dedicated to providing you best experience and we will do our best to ensure that it is cost-free. Your Medical Insurance plan can help cover the cost for any medical expenses. We will do our best to provide an affordable visit.

Eye Shadez Opticals accepts all Insurance plans:

And many more Limited Insurance companies as well...

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